Responding to Recurring Gatherings and Marches in Beltline

Due to the recurring impacts of weekly gatherings and marches at Central Memorial Park and throughout the Beltline and surrounding communities, the Ward 8 Councillor’s office encourages residents in Ward 8 to document your experiences and complaints and report them to 311. This will give The City data on the location, volume, nature, and severity of the recurring impact of these activities on residents and businesses.

You will need to provide your name and contact information. This information will remain confidential. No
anonymous complaints will be accepted—you must identify yourself to the 311 Service Representative.

Find out more here:

Examples of issues:

• noise;
• traffic impacts;
• vandalism (e.g., spray paint, stickers, posters); and/or
• other public concerns.

Submit a 311 request/complaint by:

• calling 311;
• using the 311 website portal; or
• 311 mobile app

Make sure you note the:

• issue;
• date(s) and time(s) the issue occurred;
• specific location where it occurred;
• specific details about the issue.

For emergency or criminal situations, call:

• 911 if you are in or witness an emergency situation; or

• 403-266-1234 (non-emergency police line) to report non-urgent police concerns.