About Us

The Mount Royal Community Association (MRCA) was founded in 1934. Our association is comprised of volunteers who strive to serve our community through advocacy, information, engagement and maintaining our public spaces.

The community of Mount Royal is friendly, vibrant, and rich with history. Community members range from all ages and accompany many different historical backgrounds. Traditional values of unity, inclusivity, and diversity have been an integral part of the community and continue to be reinforced today.

The community is officially bordered to the north by Royal Avenue, to the west by 14th Street, to the south by Council Way, Premier Way, and 8th Street, and to the east by Hillcrest Avenue, Hope Street, and Royal Street.

Mount Royal is one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods and yields a fascinating history that can be witnessed today through the many heritage homes still standing that are over 100 years old. The community was established in 1904 thanks to the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway into Calgary.