Safely Dispose of Pressurized Tanks & Cannisters

Safely Dispose of Pressurized Tanks & Cannisters

Going camping, hiking or hosting a barbecue this summer? Make sure you safely dispose of pressurized tanks, canisters and aerosols (empty or full), including: Bear spray canisters Small camping propane tanks  Butane canisters  Standard barbecue tanks Helium tanks Take these items to a household hazardous waste drop-off at designated fire stations or City landfills for safe disposal. Do not put […]

Planning & Development Info

Please Use Development Map (DMap) to submit comments on pending development permits While the Circulation Team is still accepting comments via email ( they are requesting that  community associations submit comments through Development Map. Federation of Calgary Communities: Partners in Planning  If you’re interested in learning more about how community residents and Community Associations can participate  more effectively in the planning […]

Responding to Recurring Gatherings and Marches in Beltline

Due to the recurring impacts of weekly gatherings and marches at Central Memorial Park and throughout the Beltline and surrounding communities, the Ward 8 Councillor’s office encourages residents in Ward 8 to document your experiences and complaints and report them to 311. This will give The City data on the location, volume, nature, and severity of the recurring impact of […]