Blanket Up-Zoning

In September 2023, City Council approved recommendations put forth by the Housing & Affordabilty Task Force including a recommendation to make R-CG the base zoning for all of Calgary. The proposed changes are similar to what was proposed by the City in 2021 in the Guidebook for Great Communities.

Alternative Plans for Growth and Density

Blanket Up-zoning is not consistent with existing Area Redevelopment Plans for Upper and Lower Mount Royal, and the growth strategies in the Municipal Development Plan.

How Up-Zoning will change the neighborhood

For blanket up-zoning to be implemented, a new residential bylaw would need to be approved combining the land use districts of R-C1, R-1, R-C2 and R-CG all into one ‘local neighbourhood housing district’ (R-CG). This will go to Council and public hearings on April 22,2024. 

What does R-CG Zoning look like?

  • Includes Rowhouse, Townhouse, Single-detached, Semi-detached
  • A property currently occupied by a single house could have a rowhouse with a total of 8 units (4 main units plus 4 secondary suites) 
  • 60% lot coverage instead of 45%
  • Up to 3 storeys high
  • R-CG can be corner or mid-block lots

What areas of Mount Royal will be affected

The interactive address map on the City of Calgary website shows that the new land use for Mount Royal will be R-CG unless the property is currently under a direct control district. The majority of Lower Mount Royal and the Estate area of Upper Mount Royal would not be affected by this change. See the Attached Map: