Mount Royal Station

Mount Royal Station (‘the Station’) is our beautiful community hall situated at 2317 10th Street SW, adjacent to our main community park. The park has tennis and basketball courts, a playground, a playing field (in summer), and an ice rink (in winter).  

Have an event to host?  

The Station is perfect for family reunions, birthdays, retreats, small fitness/art space, and parties. The space has a lounging area with comfortable furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, a gas fireplace, a lovely balcony overlooking the park, tables/chairs and a BBQ. We offer daily and half day rentals for MRCA members at an affordable price.  

Click HERE for a video tour of The Station.

Booking Rules

Bookings can be made by active MRCA Members Only. We review accounts regularly to confirm membership status. We require bookings to be one week in advance. If you need to book sooner and the space is available, email are two timeslots daily – 10:00am to 4:00pm, and 6:00pm to midnight. Even if you would like the facility for less than 1 full timeslot, you are required to book the entire slot.

Fee Structure:
(per half day booking)
Rental Fee: $75
Cleaning Fee: $50
$300 deposit is also required to confirm your booking