MRCA maintains and operates two outdoor tennis courts adjacent to the Mount Royal Station at the corner of 10th Street and Prospect Avenue.

MRCA courts are for members and accompanied guests only.  We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. We thank our members for their cooperation in ensuring an enjoyable tennis experience by signing in, respecting current play time limits, keeping courts tidy and ensuring guests are accompanied.

As a community-based facility, we welcome experienced and new players, young and old alike. Due to high court demand, new memberships are available only to families and individuals who live within Mount Royal boundaries and who maintain an active MRCA membership. Membership fees for tennis access are additional to regular MRCA membership and are used to support court upkeep and eventual resurfacing needs. Contact for payment/cost-reduction options if you are a resident (especially junior) experiencing significant financial limitations affecting tennis participation.

To purchase a tennis membership, first renew or purchase your MRCA membership.  You will be offered the option to then purchase a tennis membership. For inquiries, please contact

Court access is managed through a members-only gate code which is updated periodically.  Forgot the gate code?  Click here or go to our member portal and log in using your MRCA membership information. 

Reminders to tennis members:

  • Total maximum playing time, as soon as others are waiting, is 45 minutes.
  • Please use the ‘Court Sign In’ board (beside the gate), indicating name and start time, every time you play, regardless of how busy the courts appear. 

Thanks for maximizing member playing experience!